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So, I was digging through some test prints a while back and decided to customize them by adding my popular pinstripe skull print design over each test print.  Thereby making each one a unique, new piece of art.  No two prints are exactly alike.
I’ve hand-picked the ten best-looking ones and are offering them to you first.  They’re available for preview at the tiny bird press store.
$40.00 each + shipping
Each print is approx. 18” x 24” in size.
They’re one of a kind, hand-pulled prints.
Signed and numbered “1/1 test print”
The ten prints be available for purchase today, Monday evening (Sept.10th) at 7:00pm EST.
*If you’re unsure of what a test print is, please visit the store and click on one of the skull designs.  There’s an explanation on every test print page.
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